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A memory of Bamboo Collecting Trip 2018

The first China Bamboo Collecting Trip occurred in November 2018, with totally 9 participants from Europe ( 5 from France, 2 from Belgium, 1 from Hungary and 1 from Denmark), the youngest was 23 years while the eldest 57. It was a very interesting group that spoke different languages but shared the same passion - Bamboo. 


To include as many places as possible to visit, 7 internal flights were booked to connect 11 cities in 5 provinces of China. It was a very tight schedule on bamboo, but still we got time for some entertainment and cultural experience. 


As one of the organizers, I was anxious at how everybody would take this trip. But all through the trip, I had full support from these 9 amazing guests in terms of almost everything, even when we tried hard to get rid of the worst driver in the deep mountain area. It was truly an adventure for everybody including myself, but I have to say, we loved it. 


When my Belgium guest expressed his surprise to see how China developed into such a country, his eyes were full of tears. He never thought of coming to China, but he came, and found it worthy. This is why we think we have to make this going and make it better in future. 


I am grateful, to my co-organizer Stephane Alzaix, as well as to all the participants to this trip. We are happy to say, our connection keeps going although the trip ended.

a-guagnzhou 9.jpg
a-guagnzhou 10.jpg
a guangzhou 3.jpg

Southern China Botanical Garden CAS

a guangzhou 2.jpg
a Guangzhou-1.jpg
a guangzhou 5.jpg
a-guagnzhou 4.jpg
b-cangyuan 4.jpg
b-cangyuan 5.JPG
b-cangyuan 7.JPG

Cangyuan county in southwestern Yunnan province, for the biggest bamboo - Dendrocalamus sinicus. Everybody was shocked by this giant.

b-cangyuan 11.jpg
kunming 3.jpg
kunming 1.jpg

Yunnan Bamboo Nursery in Kunming

Here we saw the best Fargesia collection in China, some still unnamed.

kunming 4.jpg
kunming 6.jpg
kunming 9.jpg
shunan 8.JPG

Shunan moso bamboo sea, in Yibin Sichuan province 

In the wonderland of moso bamboo, we played like kids.

shunan 2.jpg
shunan 7.jpg
shunan 3.jpg
shunan 6.JPG
shunan 5.JPG
anji 8.jpg
anji 4.jpg
anji 2.jpeg

   Anji Bamboo Garden, one of the best bamboo garden & museum

anji 13.jpg
anji 1.jpg
anji 12.jpg
anji 11.jpg
anji 9.jpg
mira 1.jpg

Turtle Shell ‘Biocolor’ in Anji 

This visit was added at request of one participant and it amazed everybody.

mira 2.jpg
wolong 3.JPG
wolong 4.JPG
wolong 5.JPG

Wolong Natural Reserve in Aba Sichuan province 

The first time to see natural Fargesia forest. 

wolong 1.jpg
panda 4.JPG
Chengdu 5.jpeg
chengdu 6.JPG

Wangjianglou Bamboo Park in Chengdu 

The best displayed public park with sincere care for bamboo as an academic subject.

chengdu 1.JPG
chengdu 2.JPG
Chengdu 4.JPG
chengdu 3.JPG
huaan 5.JPG
huaan 4.JPG

Hua’An Bamboo Garden, Fujian Province

huaan 2.JPG
food 1.jpeg
food 6.JPG


Hot pot in Chengdu                                                   Morning tea in Guangzhou

food 2.jpg

Finger food in Cangyuan

Hotel in Guangzhou.jpeg
Hotel in Guangzhou 1.jpeg


Hotel in Guangzhou (Luxury)

Hotel in Anji 1.jpeg
hotel in Anji.jpeg

Hotel in Anji (Comfortable)

Hotel in Aba 2.jpeg
Hotel in Aba.jpeg

Hotel in Aba (Featured)

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