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Anji Bamboo Garden

(newly known as China Bamboo Expo Park

Anji, a county under Huzhou city, Zhejiang province, is the No 1 county for bamboo processing with its rich bamboo resources. Anji Bamboo Garden was built in 1974 initially under joint effort of Sub-tropical Forestry Research Center, Anji Forestry Burea and Lingfengsi Forestry Station.  


It takes a total area of 80 ha with a collection of around 300 species at the very beginning. By end of 2013,  211 bamboo species and varieties were growing well in the garden. (click here to donwload the full list). It has the most comprehensive collection for Phyllostachys and some other cold-hardy bamboo. 


Since 2014, the bamboo garden was re-designed on the original site to make it more tourist-friendly. Now it's more a park than a garden, with a lot of entertainment activities held to appeal publich visitors. 


In 2015, around 100 new bamboo species were added to the garden which was really exciting news for all bamboo lovers.

New entry of Anji Bamboo Garden

Phyllostachys heterocycla f. Tubaeformis

Indosasa shibataeoides

Phyllostachys heterocycla f. viridisulcata

Anji Bamboo Museum

Besides the bamboo collection, Anji Bamboo Garden attracts a lot of bamboo lovers because of its bamboo museum and panda park. 


The Bamboo Museum was open in late 2000 covering a total area of 12,000 square meter. It's divided into 8 different themed showrooms to display historical, cultural, academic and industrial achievements on bamboo. By visiting the museum you will have a full understanding of bamboo from all aspects and meanwhile see most bamboo products available in the market. 

entry of Anji Bamboo Museum

Bamboo Furniture Display Room

Panda Park

The panda park is composed of two indoor houses and two outdoor sites for 4 pandas totally. It's surely not the best place to learn about panda, but still, it's an extra gift for anyone coming here for bamboo. If you want to know more about panda and have more interaction with panda, we strongly recommend Chengdu Panda Breeding Base.

Bamboo is the major industry in Anji. You will see bamboo growing not only inside the park, but also on street sides for landscaping , on road sides along mountains which provide raw material for the bamboo processing industry. Even at taxi and bus advertisement, you will see bamboo. Bamboo product shops, markets, home-based workshops, modern factories, truck-load bamboo transportation etc, you will feel bamboo at every corner of Anji. 


Usually we would suggest a combined trip including visits to garden, museum, plantation, market and factories, because Anji is the right place for you to understand bamboo industrialization. To further learn about bamboo, you can even stay with a lcoal farmer to see how they maintain and harvest bamboo shoots/timber and how they process. Just tell us what you want to do and your dream will come true.



How to reach Anji


Anji county is around 120 km northwest to Hangzhou XiaoShan International airport. After you reach Hangzhou airport, you can take a bus or taxi from airport to Anji. It's around 2 hours journey. 

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