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Bamboo Collecting Trip November 2018


12th Nov.: Arriving at Guangzhou, China 

13th Nov.: South China Botanical Garden

14th Nov.: Dendrocalamus sinicus forest and handcrafts in southwestern Yunnan 

15th Nov.: Yunnan Bamboo Nurseries (over 500 bamboo species for trade) 

16th-17th Nov.:  Shunan moso bamboo sea (moso plantation) & bamboo product market in Yibin

18th Nov.: Wolong Natural Reserve(wild panda, rich botanical species)

19th Nov.: Dujiangyan Irrigation system (UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE)

20th Nov.: Chengdu Panda Breeding Base, Wangjianglou bamboo park (the best bamboo park) 

21st Nov.: Anji Bamboo Garden, bamboo museum

22nd Nov.: bamboo product market 

23rd Nov.: Hua'an Bamboo Garden

24th Nov.: Big Lake Bamboo Garden 

25th Nov.: Departure from Guangzhou

Read more about the trip in 2018. 

















Comments from 2018 participants:


Mr. Erik Van den Berghe 

Mrs. Mirjam Betjes 

Bamboebergh bvba 


This was our first trip to China organized by Yunnan Bamboo ( Lihua) and Newfi bamboo (Stéphane).

From start to end we had full guidance of these two people.

We stayed in excellent hotels with full accommodation.

Every day we had a new bamboo experience, bamboo gardens, bamboo parks, bamboo shops, botanical gardens, Chinese culture, Chinese food… Unbelievable!

In every place we got a warm welcome from the local village people.

For us this was a unique, life-long experience!

Even back home now, we are still impressed of the whole journey.

And we can say…. We will be back for a new Chinese adventure with this organization!!!

Mr. Andras Nemeny

Szent Istvan University




I took part in the Bamboo trip 2018 organized by Yunnan Bamboo Nursery and Newfi Bamboo Garden. I can but only whole heartedly recommend these bamboo trips to anyone seriously interested in bamboo plants and their uses. 


Lihua provided excellent, prompt organization and itinerary, not a single delay on the long trip. But there was always some flexibility depending on the group’s interest and there was not a single thing that you could sensibly ask which Lihua could not help or find out or arrange for you. Accommodation was always very good, often the best that could be found even in the remotest of places, food provided for an excellent insight into Chinese cuisine. Lihua’s warm hearted personality and strive for excellence is a guarantee that any bamboo trip organized by her will be a wonderful, memorable experience for anyone with a serious interest in bamboos and their uses.


Mr. Antoine Gaillard 

Pemo Bambus 



- Accommodation and restaurant : 

All accommodation were good and comfortable. Some more than other but the average is good. Also well located and close to transport or place of interest.

I think it was important to have a comfortable place to stay at the beginning in order to relax after the long trip from Europe and at the end to have a good rest and enjoyed the last moment.


About the food: It is good to keep Chinese food on the menu every day.

I think you can reduce lunch time to 30 mins with a simple meal. 

Depends on your schedule, we could maybe eat during transport between two places. 

Dinner in the evening around the table was a very good so we could talk together.


- Participant: I had a great time due to the thing we have seen but also because of the participant. Stephane make a good “selection” for this trip.

10 persons is a good number so I could have a connection with every body.


- Program: 

We have seen a lot of different things. For me it was a very good introduction to China and the world of bamboo. It was very good to mix tourism, garden and nursery. 

A good point could be to discover more of the bamboo industry like a bamboo furniture or clothes factory, or see how do they grow or pick up bamboo from the forest.

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