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Big Lake Bamboo Garden

Big Lake Bamboo Garden is located in Yong'An city, Fujian province. It was built in 1998 aimed to collect mainly local bamboo species and introduce bamboo species from other places with ornamental or economic value that can survive in that region. It covers a total area of around 20 ha, with an initial collection of 203 bamboo species and varieties. 


In 1999, Yong'An came across rarely continued froze, lowest temperature reaching -5 centigrade. Most clumpers suffered from the cold and above-ground parts died. Fortunately most of them came back again in the next Spring. 



Big Lake Bamboo Garden is now contracted to a private company (family-based) that can sell plants for profit. So it's easy to buy plants from the garden. 


It's located in a village without any other business around. Villagers there are very friendly. If you spend a whole day in the garden, you will be treated with a nice home-made meal which you cannot find at any restaurant. 

How to reach Big Lake


To visit Big Lake Bamboo Garden, you can land at Xiamen airport, then take a bus from bus station to Yong'an city (4-5 hours journey). If you dont want to rush between bus stations, you can always take a taxi at airport which cost around 200 USD.Note that Big Lake Garden is not known even by most locals in Yong'An. If you wanna go there, better ask for our assistance. 

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