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to explore bamboo in China


This website is made for bamboo lovers and business who want to know more about bamboo. It is a tailor-made service provided by Lihua Jiang, who has been working with bamboo since 2011 and her team. 


Simply take a trip to China and you will be able to know whatever aspect of bamboo - bamboo plants, bamboo forestation, bamboo processing etc. With our assistance, you dont need to worry about language, or who to contact or where to visit. Read the website, pick the places you want to visit and let us know. Or tell us where else you want to include in your trip. 

Why come to China


China is the top 1 country for bamboo at every aspect of bamboo - bamboo resources, bamboo plantation, bamboo processing etc. Its rich experience on industrializing bamboo has been considered best sample for the rest of the world to follow. A trip to China will let you know how bamboo can be part of our living and economy. 

Why choose us


Fluent English is not only what you need for such trips, knowledge on bamboo is another necessity. We have both, and we specialize. We know the best bamboo resources in China, we propose you the most correct places to visit.  

How we assist you


We can make detailed schedules for you according to what you like to visit, and arrange food,  transportation and accommodation during your stay in China. We can also accompany you all through the trip as guide and interpreter if required.. We can also organize trainings on any skill on bamboo propagation, plantation and processing etc. 

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