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Hua'An Bamboo Garden

Hua'An Bamboo Garden located in Hua'An county of Zhangzhou city, Fujian province, was built by Hua'An Forestry Burea and Sub-tropical Forestry Research center in 1992. The garden is laid in mountain area with quite unique climate where both clumpers and runners can grow. The garden covers a total area of around 65 ha with a collection of 330 bamboo species and varieties in 30 genera, including most Phyllostachys, Bambusa, Dendrocalamus, Pleioblastus and Pseudosasa etc. 


Download full list of bamboo species at Hua'An Bamboo Garden here. 

The road from Hua'an town to bamboo garden is spiral with bamboo growing on both sides. It's a pefectly quiet road for locals to take a walk in early morning or late afternoon. 

Chimonobambusa marmorea f. variegata



Gigantochloa verticillata

Bambusa textilis

Lingnania chungii

Hua'An Bamboo Garden was initially aimed for both research and tourism but it's not so well known by the public. Thus most of the time it's very quiet and pretty. Walk into the concrete steps covered by bamboo leaves, you can see different bamboos standing on horizontal platforms elegantly on both sides. They are so well-organized and maintained. But sometimes the gate is closed due to rare visitors. 


Hua'An Bamboo Garden welcomes plant trade. If you are lucky, you can also buy plants from the garden. 


How to reach Hua'An:

Hua'An county is around 120 km north to Xiamen city. After arriving at Xiamen airport, you can take a bus in one of the bus stations or take a taxi. It's around 3 hours on the way. 

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