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All the trips will be tailor-made, for either individuals or groups.

Bamboo Gardens
Bamboo Sight-seeing
Bamboo Plantation
Bamboo Training
Bamboo Processing
Bamboo Nursery
Bamboo Gardens

Botanical garden is the best place for you to see most bamboo species in a short time. By knowing the climate condition of the garden location, you can easily know whether the bamboos you are interested in can grow in your area or not. If you want a bamboo identification trip, better visit the gardens at shoot season. In China, tropical bamboo shoot from June to September while runners shoot from Feburary to May. On the right you will see a list of botanical gardens we found for you. We also prepare bamboo species list of each garden for you to decide which garden you want to visit most. Most bamboo gardens welcome plant trade which is highly appealed by private collectors. As for how to bring plants out of China, remember that our experience will surely help you out. 

Bamboo-related sight-seeing
Shunan Bamboo Sea 

in Yibin city, Sichuan province


Shunan Bamboo Sea covers a total area of 120 square kilometer in Yibin. The main attraction here is mountains and mountains of moso bamboo from elevation of 600 meter to 1000 meter. With moso forest, you can also enjoy lakes, caves and waterfall. The best way to enjoy the bamboo sea is take a cable car at mountain foot up to the top, then a walk inside the bamboo forest. 



Lijiang River Raft


in Guilin city, Guangxi province 


Guilin itself is a famous tourism attraction globally for its specific mountains and waters laid on karst landform. Yulong River is a branch of Lijiang River with bamboo clumps growing on river banks, while bamboo raft is a very traditional vehicle for the locals. Take a summer day, jump to a bamboo raft and drift along the river for 2 hours, enjoy the beautiful mountains and elegant bamboo clumps on both sides, or taste BBQ fish from the river, or jump into the limpid water for a swim, you will never regret coming here. 



Chengdu Panda Breeding Center (or Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda) 

in Chengdu city, Sichuan Province 


Panda is always related with bamboo in Chinese culture. Chengdu Panda Breeding Center is the best place to enjoy both panda and bamboo. The whole park is planted with beautiful bamboo on road sides. You can also watch how panda eat bamboo pickily. The way the walk, eat and play always make visitors laugh, well, that's how panda is. For more information you can visit their English website: 

Bamboo Nursery
Yunnan Bamboo Nursery

in Yunnan Province


Yunnan Bamboo Nursery is the largest bamboo nursery in China regarding bamboo species and plant stock. It has now around 600 bamboo species and varieties kept at 5 different nursery locations. The nursery provide bamboo plants and seeds mainly for plantation at large quantity. But it also welcomes plant trade and specifically interested in bamboo species native to South America. 


Yunnan Bamboo Nursery also organize trainings on propagation and plantation skills. If you have such interest, please feel free to contact us. 

Bamboo Plantation
Bamboo Plantation for timber 

in Yunnan and Zhejiang province



With our assistance, you can see plantations of giant bamboos such as Dendrocalamus giganteus, Dendrocalamus sinicus, Phyllostachys edulis etc. They are harvested for pulp, construction, flooring etc. You can understand how they grow from a small plant to giants, how they were planted, maintained and harvested etc. 


Bamboo Plantation for shoot

​in Yunnan and Zhejiang province


Bamboo shoot is one of the favorite dish for Asians and China is the No 1 country for shoot production. We have moso shoot in spring, latiflorus / hamiltonii / brandisii shoot in summer and Qiongzhuea / Chimonobambusa shoot available in between. If you are interested in bamboo shoot plantation, a visit to such plantation will surely give you a better idea on how to proceed.  

Bamboo Factory

A visit to bamboo factories is mainly for those who want to buy bamboo products from China, or build same business in their own countries. We can basically lead you to any factory that can be found in China. We've already worked together with some factories/companies to promote their bamboo products. So you just need to tell us what you want, and we will help you to get it. 


If you want to buy bamboo products but cannot come to China personally, we can also assist your purchase from China. On our bamboo products page, you will see some products we are already working on. If your product is not listed, we can also source for you. 

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